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Head Massage


A regular head massage will not only alleviate feelings of anxiety, it can also preserve, even improve, the lustre and feel of your hair. The increased flow of blood bringing oxygen to these areas can also improve brain function so is a good choice when you have a busy time ahead and need to think clearly.

Because this treatment is so relaxing I offer the option of either sitting in a chair or lying down on the massage couch where the body is more able to switch off.


Indian Head Massage

The massage covers the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck and scalp and finishes on the face. It is extremely relaxing and can be very helpful for anyone suffering with:


- Headaches



-Poor hair condition

-Stress and anxiety

-Restricted movement in neck and shoulders

45 Minute £40


“As someone who has suffered from migraines for many years, after one Indian Head Massage the results were unbelievable, this is a treatment that has worked for me. I only wish I’d tried it earlier”


Alicia, Farnham

Why not treat a friend or relative?


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