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The use of hot stones during a massage really brings a new and deeper dimension to the whole experience! The heat from the stones is gently absorbed by the muscles and this helps them to relax.

When the muscles relax this allows the blood to circulate and bring fresh oxygen to feed the muscle whilst carrying away toxic waste which accumulates around tense and stressed areas. The hot stones provide a fantastic alternative to pressure which is often used during massage to release tense muscles. And it all feels so good!


Hot Stone Massage

The stones can be used on one of the toughest areas of the body – in my experience the most common area to show tightness, knotted muscles and often restricted movement – the upper back, shoulders and neck. Allow the stones to smooth away your tension and leave you feeling inches taller! They also feel blissful on the stomach.

Hot! but how hot?

The stones are volcanic rock – they are smooth and feel comforting on the skin. They are heated in hot water and are hand held. This means I can keep them to a satisfying warming temperature.

45 Minute £40


Many of us today suffer from digestive problems, IBS, constipation, bloating or an uneasy stomach. A massage using hot stones feels blissful, it calms your stomach and improves the digestive process. This is a gentle massage and can also work as stress releaser.

Why not treat a friend or relative?


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