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This type of massage is for people suffering from specific problems such as tense aching shoulders, back pain, neck pain, numbness and pain in the hands and fingers, headaches etc. 

This type of massage will involve some pressure work on certain points called TRIGGER POINTS which need to be released in order for the pain to subside. The pressure work will not be too painful as you can decide when the level of pressure is enough. You will be amazed at how effective this work can be if you have some kind of enduring problem with pain. Don’t just live with it – something can be done.


Remedial Massage

You may need several sessions to really make a difference, especially if it has taken some time for your problem to establish. You may also need to carry out some pressure work on yourself between sessions in order to bring about faster relief. I love the idea of giving people the information to help solve their own pain problems and the power to change their own lives.

45 Minute £40

1 Hour £55 

90 Minute £75


The de-stressing effects of a good massage can give us a valuable glimpse of what it really means to unwind.

Massage reawakens our bodily awareness. It’s amazing how we walk around in our body all day and yet are often unaware of how we are feeling, where we hold tension, what we can do to feel much better. Massage puts us back in touch with our bodies.

Why not treat a friend or relative?


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