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I am a fully qualified / insured therapist based in Farnham, Surrey. I think it is important to continue to train, learn new techniques and develop new ideas. 


I first became interested in complementary therapies in 2003 and have been training in various therapies ever since. I find that by using a mixture of treatments you, my clients are able to make big improvements and change your quality of life – for the better!

When you first visit me we need to know

  •  what you are looking for

  •  how to make sure this happens

My aim is for you to leave the room feeling a lot better than when you came in. If your aim is similar then I am sure we will have no problem achieving this!

My location is easy to access with plenty of nearby road parking.


ITEC Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, IIHHT Diploma in Aromatheraphy, IIHHT Diploma in Indian Head Massage, Advanced Clinical Massage January 2018, First and Second and Masters Degree in Reiki, Bowen Technique Practitioner, No Hands Massage Practitioner,Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Introductory Course

"Having had 9 months of chronic neck pain and annoying pulsatile tinnitus I discovered Pam through searching for a Bowen therapist local to me.

By using this and gradually working up to deep tissue work and trigger point releases she has really got to the root of my problem (short tight muscles from overuse and poor posture!).

The tinnitus has completely resolved, my neck pain is so much better and continues to improve. She has given me techniques to manage this between sessions and more importantly has made me realise my triggers for the pain returning and to try and prevent it. I now see her on a monthly basis as maintenance and for some relaxing "me time" to prevent it becoming unmanageable again and would highly recommend - I feel very lucky to have found such a skilled practitioner!"

Claire Richards

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