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If you have enjoyed or gained benefit from one of my treatments, I would be very grateful if you would take the time to add a review on Google. Please note that you will need to login to Google to write a review!

"Having had 9 months of chronic neck pain and annoying pulsatile tinnitus I discovered Pam through searching for a Bowen therapist local to me.
By using this and gradually working up to deep tissue work and trigger point releases she has really got to the root of my problem (short tight muscles from overuse and poor posture!) . The tinnitus has completely resolved, my neck pain is so much better and continues to improve. She has given me techniques to manage this between sessions and more importantly has made me realise my triggers for the pain returning and to try and prevent it. I now see her on a monthly basis as maintenance and for some relaxing "me time" to prevent it becoming unmanageable again and would highly recommend - I feel very lucky to have found such a skilled practitioner! Claire "

Claire Richards

After nearly 3 years of constant pain, baffling the medical profession, 2 ops and countless physio sessions I was at my wits' end. A month ago I was sure my best physical years were behind me (and was one step away from a mobility scooter) now, thanks to Pam I have full confidence of a pain free future. Working with Pam has been a revelation. Not only does she make the pain go away at time of treatment, but she has taught me the methods of Trigger Point Therapy meaning I can carry on at home between sessions. Both physically and mentally I now feel like a new person!Cheers

Laine x

Having had back pain for 5 years, which was finally diagnosed as a narrowing disc, I decided that I needed to manage the pain and luckily found Pam. I have been having regular hot stone massages with Pam for the last 18 months and can honestly say it has changed my life, not only through the massage but with Pam's advice about starting to listen to my body and treating it well, I now know when I get twinges to use the exercises Pam has shown me, which prevents the pain from escalating. I am also an IBS sufferer, and again listening to my body and being more aware has helped tremendously. I am so grateful to Pam, she really cares about your long term well being.


I want to tell you that I had the best nights sleep last night in years and years after the Bowen. I'd turned off the alarm clock, and woke up 3 hours later!! Yesterday evening I was so relaxed and sleepy, unusual for me, I couldn't keep,awake to read my book, which I wanted to do!! I have had trouble sleeping for years, so that I don't even expect a good nights sleep these days