About Chronic Fatigue/ME

Because of my experiences in dealing with this illness I have learned that we must all take care of our health and be aware of the many factors that contribute to a good quality of life.

One of the significant things I have noticed with people suffering from ME is that their body has become unable to copy with whatever life has thrown at it, it may have led on from a serious illness such as glandular fever or from living life in the fast lane – always wanting to do that bit extra, not allowing time to relax and recharge the batteries.

When an illness like this strikes it is time to learn a better way of life and how to take more care of yourself. Some things are very simple to identify and others a lot more complex. I was given a few simple tips for my daughter and found these to be helpful

  • drink plenty of water every day with nothing added (fruit juices and squashes are not the same). Aim for between 1 and 2 litres but listen to your body and don’t overdo it.
  • try and get some form of exercise every day. This is not always possible but even a short walk across the room will be helpful.
  • think about the amount of energy you have and aim to only use up 80% of this, if you become totally exhausted it will take longer to recover and can drag you down.
  • do not feel guilty and blame yourself or tell yourself you are being useless. See yourself as a child who needs some TLC, be gentle and kind to yourself.

Hope it is helpful. Consider Bowen Treatment or Reiki – they are both very gentle and certainly made a big difference to my daughter.